October 6, 2017


tulsi for health logo Basil

A cafe startup with its special ūüĆŅ¬†Tulsi (Basil) tea‚ėē flavors.¬†Featuring special ‚ôę therapy music radio ‚ôę for its visitors.¬†Launching ūüćÉspecial Masala teaūüćĀ

Tulsi for Health is both a concept & a cause to nurture and motivate ‘use of Tulsi (basil or Ocimum tenuiflorum)’ in our daily lives, amidst epidemics of cancer & other lifestyle diseases etc.

– by Kapil Sri (Guitarmonk)


Highly motivated by the urge of doing something on the cause of cancer (as I have lost 2 of my family members via Cancer), Kapil Srivastava Social Service Philanthrophy Tulsiforhealth DelhiI was in a thinking mode for long time seeing the practices/habits of our lives. On one specific day this year I was blessed with this unique idea, which I found of utmost value for the society. My mission is to take this idea to millions of people across and spread use of a good healthy life style. I am also donating 10, 000 Tulsi plants to this cause.  I invite you to join me with your ideas and any contribution to spread it more.

We are surrounded by thousands of life style habits & diseases in name of brands, which we can’t undo. Those dangerous habits have become part of our social status and self-esteem in form of pizzas, soft drinks etc. Let’s introduce one healthy brand of Tulsi in our lives.

“I want to make this model as a founding stone towards ‘Tulsi rich society’ and get it rolling”

“Let’s sloganize ‘I use Tulsi’ & promote this health awareness cause in social media using hashtag:¬†#TulsiForHealth “


  1. Join the campaign by emailing to Tulsiforhealth@gmail.com
  2. Do you use Tulsi ? –¬†Take a selfie with Tulsi plant and share with hashtag #TulsiForHealth,#IUseTulsi & www.tulsiforhealth.com at FB wall
  3. Be a Tulsi Congregator –¬†Organize a Tulsi awareness Tea Chat at your place.¬†Write to us for details.
  4. Share your story, idea, experience and we will try to post it at our website.
  5. Be a Comrade –¬†Share your ideas and contributions to project with detailed profile.

Write to us at –¬†tulsiforhealth@gmail.com