October 6, 2017


tulsi for health logo Basil

Tulsi for Health is a concept/cause & social initiative to nurture and motivate ‘use of Tulsi (basil or Ocimum tenuiflorum)’ in our daily lives, amidst epidemics of cancer & other lifestyle diseases etc.

– by Kapil Sri (Guitarmonk)


Highly motivated by the urge of doing something on the cause of cancer (as I have lost 2 of my family members via Cancer), Kapil Srivastava Social Service Philanthrophy Tulsiforhealth DelhiI was in a thinking mode for long time seeing the practices/habits of our lives. On one specific day this year I was blessed with this unique idea, which I found of utmost value for the society. My mission is to take this idea to 1 crore people in India by next 2 years and spread use of a good healthy life style. I am also donating 10, 000 Tulsi plants to this cause.  I invite you to join me with your ideas and any contribution to spread it more.

We are surrounded by thousands of life style habits & diseases in name of brands, which we can’t undo. Those dangerous habits have become part of our social status and self-esteem in form of pizzas, soft drinks etc. Let’s inject one more brand as necessary healthy good habit we need at time of cancer, obesity, heart attacks diseases.

“I want to make this model as a founding stone towards ‘Tulsi rich society’ and get it rolling”

“Let’s sloganize ‘I use Tulsi’ & promote this health awareness cause in social media using hashtag: #TulsiForHealth “

Write to us at – tulsiforhealth@gmail.com